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Made fresh daily with local meats and produce, along with traditional Chinese ingredients, our delicious range will not disappoint. Enjoy a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine – our trademark dumplings (of course), but also dimsum, shumai and more.


18 pieces

Pork and Cabbage


Pork and Chives


Pork Chives and Prawn


Chicken and Mushroom


Beef and Onion


Vegetarian Dumpling
(Mixed Vegetables with Egg)


Fried or Steamed, add $1.00

All dumplings served with:
Sweet Chilly Sauce
Spicy Sauce

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Dim Sum

Steamed Prawn Dumpling – 4pcs


Pork Sui Mai – 4pcs


Deep Fried Spring Roll – 8pcs


Steamed Custard Bun – 4pcs


Wonton Soup

Pork and Prawn – 10pcs


Cold Dishes

Shredded Seaweed


Edamame Soybean