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It all began with
an idea…

The best recipes are perfected over generations and that is the story here at Foo Du.


Born of love, tradition, and community, the Foo Du recipes began in a tiny local restaurant in the Shandong province of Northern China.


Created and handcrafted by Max’s grandfather, his dumplings were loved by his neighbours. And then their neighbours… and then suddenly his dumplings were attracting people from all around the province.

began with
fast forward to 2014...

fast forward to 2014…

When Max discovered that the dumplings sold here in New Zealand were not the traditionally delicious morsels of his childhood.


So, he decided to fix all of that and bring his grandfather’s tasty recipes to our beautiful shores so that we too could enjoy the authentic flavours of China.

chop sticks

and now you get
to eat them…

Join Max at Foo Du for just the right blend of traditional Chinese authenticity and modernity. You can enjoy the tried and tested recipes that Max’s family have honed for generations.


Made fresh daily with local meats and produce, along with traditional Chinese ingredients, our delicious range will not disappoint. Enjoy a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine – our trademark dumplings (of course), but also dimsum, shumai and more.


Don’t just take our word for it. Come and try them for yourself. Your tummy will thank you for it!

child eating momo

Happy Tummies…

Made with love and only the freshest ingredients, our dumplings are packed full of traditional yumminess. Passed down through generations, our tasty family recipes are authentically crafted for your family to love too.



I’m a big fan of dumplings, Foo Du is one of favorite places to sit back, relax and full my tummy with awesome dumplings : ) Nom Nom Nummmmi